gear list

Panasonic GH5S
2x Panasonic GH5 w/ SmallRig cage
Panasonic XLR adapter
Sigma 150-600 Sport
Sigma 50-100 F1.8 Art
Sigma 24-105 F4 Art
Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Art
Sigma 8-16 F3
Metabones Speedbooster Ultra x0.71 EF-MFT
Metabones Speedbooster Ultra x0.71 EF-MFT CINE
vintage lenses, Nikon, Helios

DJI Mavic 2 Pro w/ Smart Controller

2x Powerbase EDGE 49Wh V-Mount battery (GH5)
11x GH5 battery / 3x USB powerbanks / AC adapters (GH5)

KinoFlo DivaLite LED 21 w/ SnapBag and SnapGrid
Quasar Science RGBW 4’ LED w/ Honeycrates Baby Bee grid
2x Quasar Science Filament LED 6 Watt bulb 3000k
2x Genaray Bi-color LED w/ softbox and grid
2x Yongnuo YN360 LED
Fotodiox Flapjack 18” LED w/ grid
color correction gels

Sound Devices 633
Zoom F8n multitrack recorder
Zoom F6 multitrack recorder
Zoom DR05 recorder
2x Tascam DR10L recorder (black, white)

Location Sound
Orca OR-40 audio vest
K-Tek Avalon boom pole
Remote Audio RainMan
2x NP-50 batteries
Rycote Blimp

IFB & Timecode
3x Tentacle Sync E
1x Comtek transmitter
2x Comtek PR216 receivers
2x headphones

GlideGear Teleprompter
Canare RFI & EMI blocking XLR cables
lav mounts (Superstick, moleskin, Topstick, Ursa, Viviana straps)

Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic
Sennheiser MKE-600 shotgun mic
Audix SCX1-HC hypercardiod mic
AT835ST stereo MS shotgun mic
3x Sennheiser G3 wireless set
4x Countryman B3 lav mics
Shure BETA58A

Grip & Support
3x Matthews C+ stand
2x heavy-duty air cushioned stand
2x Manfrotto fluid head video tripod
4x small stand
3x mic stands
2x monopod
3x sound blankets
black duvetyn fabric (commando cloth)

Axler 30” slider
Rhino Evo 42” motion control slider (long)

ADR / post-production / podcast
Apollo Twin DUO interface w/ talkback mic
Shure SM7B w/ Cloudlifter preamp
dbx 286s vocal processor
HDMI monitor for ADR
Yamaha HS8 monitors
iZotope RX / Ozone
Reaper / Ableton
Waves X-Noise
u-he Zebra 2

Live sound (small venues)
Soundcraft EPM12
Peavey 100 watt speakers